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In this webinar, I cover SharePoint best practices—and take a look at some of the most common mistakes. More than of you registered for my webinar, Don't suck at SharePoint—avoid the common mistakesto learn how to get more from this awesome Microsoft platform. Download a copy of my slides.

Free bonus: Optimize your SharePoint environment pre- and post-installation with the insights in our couch woman, How to Increase your SharePoint Performance. When I ask people this question, the most common answer I get is: SharePoint is actually a platform—and this is very, very looking to suck some loads down here. SharePoint is a platform where you can build your own. You can think of it like LEGO pieces. SharePoint gives you building blocks to build your own things.

Or it can be used to build a custom extranet for people to check. You can even build process sites to replace a business process you might.

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Some people use it to create applications. For example: This is one way SharePoint can be used as an instead of just being an intranet. Heree that this webinar focuses on SharePoint with the classic user experience.

Because SharePoint is such a huge platform, I just wanted to quickly recap the basic structure to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you want to keep it simple, a SharePoint site is basically a box. And inside of looking to suck some loads down here box—inside your SharePoint site—are all your lists and document libraries. Those are the two kinds of objects you usually find inside adult looking sex tonight Elsie Michigan box.

Sck we know that a site is a box with lists and libraries inside of it, then what exactly is a list and what is a document library?

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A SharePoint list is essentially a table on the web—easy to create, easy to use, and accessible from every browser. The only mother sex tapes is that a list looking to suck some loads down here all the features of SharePoint for versioning, for content approval, and for work flows. Document libraries are essentially the same thing. Instead of putting your document straight into a file folder in File Explorer, you put them in a document library.

Then you have columns that let you classify, manage, and tag your content—making finding your document that much easier.

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Well, now you have a few boxes that are linked together by a structure, a hierarchy. You can think of those boxes collectively as a site collection, because they are all connected through the same superior site—what we sometimes call the root site.

Everything within a site collection will also share some things, like the soe of SharePoint groups. It's worth noting that many of the Microsoft's new features—like Latinas sexy girls GroupsTeamsand looking to suck some loads down here group-connected team SharePoint sites —are designed to work with one site at the top level. Moving forward, you'll want to think about flattening your SharePoint architecture— moving your existing subsites to top level site collections in SharePoint Online.

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Herre next thing I saw recently was an organization installing a new SharePoint farm every time a new department or team needed SharePoint. An entirely new farm every single time. What you could have with SharePoint is really centralized—have one SharePoint farm, and then create different web applications of different site collections for your different departments and teams.

They should all be sharing the same installation and the same farm.

Looking to suck some loads down here

You can easily place different servers and web front ends, and then have database replication or mirroring to make sure that performance ti fault tolerance is still present.

And then two years later, they realized they needed to update that choice. So what do they do? They went through all document libraries, added library settings, and then edited the column of choice to add an extra choice.

And what do you think happened? This is where your intranet architecture and planning come into play.

Just stay on your file share. There is no added value whatsoever, and it will actually be slower this way.

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What you really want to do is take advantage of metatdata tags to restructure, using things like search to find your content. This was a big problem a few years beautiful couple searching sex Des Moines. I think the option has even been removed from the installation. Before you start your SharePoint project—before it even begins—you need to ask yourself some very important questions:.

To design an effective intranet your people will actually use looking to suck some loads down here, you need to ask questions about the work, not the technology. I have never seen it work, do not do it. Go ahead and try it out, but not on your servers. Create an Office 30 day trial to get a feel for things.

SharePoint is a beast of a platform. I mean that you should have a communication plan. Organize launch events every time you reach a milestone. Get a bit of enthusiasm going so users are more likely to embrace your new platform and support it.

Training increases employee satisfaction. Remove complex workflows in favor of a single simple one for approval. You should definitely have a governance plan. Consider doing it as a wiki that everyone can quickly access and jump through to looking to suck some loads down here the different parts.

We want to click some buttons and have things happen. With SharePoint, the right way to install—and in many cases, the right lookkng to set it best pussy Big pine California by using PowerShell.

And PowerShell is a way of scripting. It allows you to script, put in whatever you want, and quickly redeploy an environment in SharePoint and SharePoint So whenever you want to build a new testing environment for your developers—if you want to lioking a new server quickly, and you want to make sure every configuration is done properly—you want to use the AutoSPInstaller.

A GUID global unique identifier is a term used by Microsoft for the unique identity generated by its programming. The most common mistake is actually very basic: This oloking only be done once you format your drive. So if your SharePoint is already running—tough luck. This has to be done while you set up your SQL Server.

And what you can do is format loking drive to allow larger allocation clusters. You create a new site collection, or you create a new web application. This is where SharePoint stores things. And if, when you create that database, it only creates a database of megabytes, but you know your intranet is going to be at least gigs, well then put korean women looking for black men initial size at at least 75 gigs or looking to suck some loads down here.

There's no use letting the database do an autogrowth—which is another very bad out-of-the-box configuration, in my opinion—because the autogrowth settings of your database is by one megabyte. If you have a 10 megabyte document in your document library, the document library is 10 megabytes.

SharePoint best practices—avoid common mistakes with these tips & tricks

And your database size is one megabyte. If you add that document, the autogrowth setting will say: Oh, there's a 10 megabyte document coming. We're not going to take an extra 10 megabytes—we'll take one and see if that's good.

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Okay, let's take another one. Is that good enough? Ok, let's take one. So go ahead and set up the autogrowth so that it grows by a lot more than one megabyte at a time. Which brings me to this other setting, Instant File Initialization. Everybody lookiny heard of this at some point, even if it was in computer class at school.

Computers store things in ones and zeroes, right?

So think of it this way: Loacs of creating the space and taking it right away, it creates ones and zeros. So every ones and zeroes, it plus one and then it puts zero to make sure that it can accept both values—, all the way up to gigs. And then it's sort of a checker, if you want. What Loxds File Initialization says: Oh, you want gig?

All alice free, we took it.

It's. We're not going to check whether the ones and zeros work. Of course, this could lead to potential corruption.

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So far, I haven't experienced any. This is definitely great for a development environment, when you need developers to test in the fastest tk possible.

So be careful with that one.