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Cogar women

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A puma is more than a sleek feline predator. It's also a slang term for a woman's dating life and, cogar women specifically, the age of the partner she seeks.

However, there are two conflicting definitions of a puma as the term refers to women and the word appears to have cogar women meanings in the U.

In the United States, a puma is cogar women as a cougar minus ten years; wmoen is defined as a woman in her 30s who prefers dating younger men.

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Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston has long been associated with the term due to her relationships cogar women younger cogar women, most notably John Mayer nine years younger. Demi Moorein an interview with W magazine in March at age 47expressed her displeasure coyar the cougar label and said, "I'd prefer to be called a puma," referring to her now defunct marriage to Ashton Kutcher who is cogar women years younger than Moore.

Despite Moore's attempt to use the terms interchangeably, cogar women puma is widely looking for crazy wet sex as a woman under 40 who prefers younger men while the cougar label is applied to women in their 40s and 50s who seek out younger male cogar women who are at least 10 years younger and often half their age.

While May-December romances involving older men with womem women are par for the course, there is often a double standard when it comes to older women dating younger men, even when those women are just in their 30s.

For example, actress Jamie-Lynn Sigler caught a lot of public flak when she womfn her engagement. Sigler was 31 and her beau was In Great Britain, an article in The Telegraph in February by journalist Hanna Betts describes a puma as "a single woman in pursuit of a mature partner with experience under his belt.

The idea that divorced men who have lived, loved and lost will treat their potential mates with more sensitivity, care, and understanding than younger men appears to have cogar women on in the UK.

shemale allanah The Daily Mail Onlinecogar women from The Picnic Project's findings, concludes "more than half a million women would rather date a mature divorced man than someone younger than. And 48, single British women are actively seeking men with a failed marriage behind. Shevell is 17 years younger than the former Beatle.

While the image of the puma as a single woman interested in an older, experienced and possibly divorced man seems cogar women be growing in the UK, there is no evidence that this new meaning cogar women embraced or even recognized in the U.

Yet, the picture of a young, nubile woman dating a seasoned man is far coggar uncommon. Society cogar women to put labels on what women desire, whether referring to older cogar women younger partners. But, ultimately, women continue to push back on old taboos and seek out the romantic partners of whatever age they want.

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Linda Lowen, a former radio and television broadcast journalist, has won national awards for her coverage of women's issues. Continue Reading.

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