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Top definition.

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Curvy unknown. This word has been misappropriated as a euphemism for fat women.

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Since women generally have wide hips it's the relative narrowness of the waist that produces the appearance of curves. Therefore, fat women are actually cufvy big curvy lady than skinny women. I'm into curvy women like Carol" Alice: Despite popular belief, curvy does NOT mean fat.

Curvy is an hour-glass figure; large breastships, and butt with a big curvy lady small waist. A woman that is curvy has an hourglass figuresmall waist, shapely booty, and big boobs.

She is not fat. There is a difference. Marilyn Monroe has a curvy figure.

Used most commonly in teen magazines as a euphemism for "fat" or "chubby. Curvyin the traditional sense, means having an ample bosomtrim waist, and round big curvy lady.

They have meat in all the right places!

Seventeen dresses all of their size 16 "curvy" girls in outfits from Torrid. A big curvy lady particularly a girl who is tall and not fat. She has the 'hourglass figure' and has nice assets.

But she is not fat or overweight. Kaitlin is very curvy. I like her assets.

An idiot might say, "Of course, you don't need to diet, 10 tonne Tessy. You be proud of your " curves ".

It's healthy to be completely obese. Because it means you aren't skinny.

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