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Jolene’s Law Task Force

jolene-loetscher-278SDCL 2-6-31 established the Jolene’s Law Task Force to study the impact of sexual abuse of children in this state and to make recommendations to the Legislature on policies to effectively address the issue.

The task force was charged to study the impact of child sexual abuse (CSA) in the state and make a report to the 2015 Legislature on the prevalence of sexual abuse of children in the state and make policy recommendations to address the following areas:

  1. Methods to increase awareness of issues regarding sexual abuse of children, including warning signs that may indicate that a child is the victim of sexual abuse and the actions and language a child may use to express that they are a victim of sexual abuse;
  2. The actions that a child who is the victim of sexual abuse could take to obtain assistance and intervention;
  3. How to best provide support and assistance to children who are victims of sexual abuse;
  4. Policies to encourage adults to take responsibility for the protection of children from sexual abuse and to respond appropriately when sexual abuse of a child is suspected;
  5. Collaboration of public and private organizations to assist in the recognition and prevention of sexual abuse of children, using research and evidence-based practice; and
  6. Any other recommendation the task force deems appropriate in addressing this issue.



1680012550_6a9a1f9d61_bSenate Bill 70

SB 70 was introduced by: Senators Soholt, Haggar (Jenna), and Solano and Representative Gibson at the request of the Jolene’s Law Task Force and was signed by Governor Daugaard on March 13, 2015 requiring:

“The mandatory reporter who witnessed the disclosure or evidence of abuse or neglect must be present and available to answer questions when the 11 initial report is made pursuant to this section. ”

For more information: SB70

Download the complete bill: SB70P



Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 2.14.58 PMSenate Bill 71

The purpose of SB 71 was to continue the Jolene’s Law Task Force for an additional year, revise the membership of the task force, and to declare an emergency. On March 4, 2015, SB 71 was Deferred to the 41st legislative day, Passed.

For more information: SB71

Download the complete bill: SB71P


Jolene’s Law Task Force Media Coverage

Download the final report: January 2016

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Jolene’s Law Task Force Members:

Chairwoman: Senator Deb Soholt (Sioux Falls)

Vice-Chair: Senator Alan Solano (Rapid City)

Senator Jenna Haggar (Sioux Falls)

Representative Peggy Gibson (Huron)

Christine Bisek (Pierre)

Cam Corey (Watertown)

Daniele Dosch (Rapid City)

Dr. Nancy Free (Sioux Falls)

Ann Larsen (Pierre)

Angela Lisburg (Pierre)

Jolene Loetscher (Sioux Falls)

TateWin Means (Pine Ridge)

Hollie Strand (Rapid City)

Virgena Wieseler (Pierre)

Colleen Winter (Pierre)

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