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Dannie Dosch Receives Partners Protecting Kids Award

Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center was thrilled to honor this year’s Partners Protecting Kids award recipient Dannie Dosch at the Gala at Mt Rushmore on March 3rd.  Established in 2014, the Partners Protecting Kids Award honors an individual, group, or organization that goes above and beyond to have a significant role in protecting children from abuse.  The honoree displays courage to speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, promotes systemic change, supports protective efforts, or promotes best practices and education concerning abuse.  This award is a prestigious recognition of individuals who have been committed to those in our community who are the most vulnerable.IMG_1188

Multi-disciplinary team… a word that means so many things.  To us at the Child Advocacy Center it means hope.  Our partners are the reason we have hope that every child and family who faces abuse or witnesses domestic violence will be supported on their path to justice and healing.  Our partners are our strength.  They not only lift up the CAC model, they are the CAC model.  Together, we ensure that small voices are heard, offenders are held accountable, the impacts of trauma are addressed, and families heal.  So of course we want to honor our partners!

This year’s Partners Protecting Kids nominee, Dannie Dosch, serves as the Victim’s Service Specialist with the FBI.  Dannie spends her days working beside the victims of federal crimes on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  And much of that time is working with families who have experienced the trauma of child sexual abuse or witnessed domestic violence.  Dannie has seen, heard, and experienced things that most of could not imagine.  She works with families who are living under layers of trauma, who have little reason to hope for a better future.  Yet Dannie is able to connect with these families in a way that makes them feel seen and heard.  She doesn’t dismiss their challenges, yet she helps them to find their voice and choice.  She helps them to find their hope.  She never pretends to have all the answers, but her presence is often just the answer people are looking for. Her sense of humor, her tenacity, and her awesome converse shoes make her someone you will never forget.

Dannie’s reach has extended into the work she did with WAVI as an advocate for women who experienced domestic violence.  It extends into her personal life, as she and her husband have grown their family and helped other families through foster care and adoption. It extends into her role as a team member, always going the extra mile to support her co-workers. And it extends into her hope for a stronger future, as she serves on the board of the Center for the Prevention of Child Maltreatment, where she gives voice to the generations of children not even born yet.  Dannie has had a positive impact on so many people’s lives through her compassion, flexibility, authenticity, and sheer willingness to keep showing up!  Please help me in congratulating Dannie Dosch on being chosen as this year’s Partners Protecting Kids Award recipient.


Written by:

Tanya Fritz, CFW, Advocacy and Prevention Program Director

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