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Child Advocacy Centers of South Dakota Chapter Coordinator recognized for ongoing work on behalf of abused and neglected children

Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center (CHCAC) is pleased to announce Casey Murschel is the recipient of the annual Partners Protecting Kids Award for 2017. Casey Murschel was presented with the award on April 26th, at the first meeting of the Jolene’s Law Advisory Board to USD Center for Child Maltreatment.

Casey Murschel has spent her personal and professional life working to improve the lives of children, In 2011, Casey stepped into the role of Chapter Coordinator for the Child Advocacy Centers of South Dakota (CACSD). As an organization in its early stages of development, Casey’s leadership and experience was just what was needed. Casey brought the same passion and commitment she showed when helping to initiate the CASA program in Sioux Falls; the sharp organizational skills she demonstrated as executive director for a small non-profit; the leadership skills that served her in her capacity as a city councilor and state legislator; and the compassion and understanding that came from her direct work in the Juvenile Detention Center and as a Court Services Officer.

From the first day, Casey was determined to strengthen the statewide presence of the multidisciplinary approach to working with children who had been abused. She believed in the Child Advocacy Center model and felt every child in our state who had experienced abuse deserved that level of care. Today that dream has a blueprint. As a member of Jolene’s Law Task Force, Casey was part of creating a 10-year plan to end child sexual abuse in South Dakota. She worked beside leaders from across our state to put into motion a plan whose benefits will be seen for generations to come.

Child Assessment Center Coordinator Angela Lisburg described her perfectly by saying, “She attends to the needs of Child Advocacy Centers with her heart on her sleeve, coffee-in-hand, and a smile on her face.”

Tanya Fritz, Program Director of CHCAC, said of Casey Murschel during the presentation, “I am grateful to have been able to work with Casey. She brings so much to the table, but one gift that shines is her ability to understand timing. She knows the value of doing the front-end work, building relationships, and being patient. But when the window opens -the opportunity presents itself- she is ready to jump in and make things happen.”

Begun in 2014, this award honors an individual, group, or organization that has a significant role in protecting children from abuse. The honoree displays courage to speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves, promotes systemic change, supports protective efforts, or promotes best practices and education concerning abuse. This award is a prestigious recognition of those who have been committed to helping the most vulnerable population in our community. Nominations are sought through the Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center Advisory Board, which is made up of multidisciplinary professionals in our community who are responsible for the investigation of child abuse crimes and the treatment of the victims.

About Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center (CHCAC):

Begun in 1999, Children’s Home Child Advocacy Center (CHCAC) is a program of Children’s Home Society of South Dakota and provides forensic interview services to children suspected of having been abused and neglected. Last year, CHCAC provided 340 forensic interviews for children every year, most of who are seen for sexual abuse concerns. CHCAC provides support and crisis intervention for family members, referral for counseling services, and community education to help the public and authorities recognize and respond to child sexual abuse.

Media Contact: Tanya Fritz, Advocacy and Prevention Program Director Children’s Home Society of South Dakota

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